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Briefly introduce myself, I’m a local Malaysian loves travel, food and the lifestyle in Malaysia. I like sharing the experience that I have in my life with others, either good or bad (that’s why I become a blog writer).

You can call me Aeron, I’m a simple guy that very interest in finding Malaysian food. Laksa, Durian, Rojak (that’s why this blog named for), Nasi Lemak and many more. The idea of MyRojak is a mixture on the food, travel things/ stuffs and Lifestyle. Check out this blog you will know more about a Malaysian, Malaysia, and the slogan of Satu Malaysia , One Malaysia. So don’t mistaken this blog is only write for some rojak lovers where to find the famous rojak for eating (although I will write some blog about food, but not all ;D ).

Drop your comments on my blog, praise or critics will be response in a peaceful matters. You may e-mail me : webmaster@myrojak.com if you found something is worth to share.

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