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如果你当兵,就算离开了军队;但是国家有难,还是可以随时将你可以征召回来。原来马航也一样,系统保留了离职20年的各职称人员资料,虽然不像当兵般强制,但这次空难需要大量有经验的人手,马航也回召了超过300名前雇员。 马航这次空难的处理可以分成三个部分来看待,一是负责搜寻的,以科技技术及军队为主;二是政治外交的,因为空难牵涉不少国家;三是安抚家属的,毕竟他们是最关心和最有资格关心乘客安危的人。我不说第一及第二项,毕竟这些职务清楚,表现如何大家自有评断。但第三项,200多个乘客,安抚数百个家属的情绪,这个工作我看到有来自三个主要组织负责,马航(以前空服员、前空姐等各职称人员等为主)、慈济志工及马华志工。据悉慈济志工扮演的是从旁协助的角色,为善不求回报,不求出锋头,有纪律,自带食物,进退有序,赢得尊敬。反而马华志工浩浩荡荡,唯恐天下不知其善举,没有接受过正统救灾安抚训练的一班乌合之众,还特地为这次事件正名Crisis Relief Management Squad, CRMS,无所不用其极的来博宣传,死缠烂打,通过空难来捞取政治资本,为第三项安抚家属的工作增添了不少难度。

NTV7 Feel Good Run 2011 at 3 July 2011

Do you like jogging and running? Then the Feel Good Run 2011 is an event you can’t missed. Hosted by NTV7, this event has lots of fun. If you think this is just a running, look for free drinks after run and wait for lucky draw then you are wrong! You can get a certificate and a medal after run, playing games at bazaar, take some Milo or Nestle or a ice-cream potong at Nelson booth. By the way, the fund collected from this run will be donated for charity. As one of the participant, I have to wake up [ ... ]

MySony Winner Prize Email

Today received an email from MySony Malaysia, saying me win a prize from them, after checked their email (as nowsaday the email will be the most secure way to verify a sender is real or fake) everything was okay, then I feel woohoo, looks like I have win something, but don’t know what is the “exclusive Cyber-shot Travelling premium gift”. So I take my time and filling in the particular and think “oh gosh, what the hell was that prize, hope I will get the Cyber-shot camera hehe..”. Then I check my email again, hey , its them send [ ... ]