Malaysia IT Fair at D’Piazza Mall, Penang on 1-3 July 2011

Hosting by Kaspersky, this is one of the biggest event happened at Penang on July 2011. They organise the fair which is similar to PC Fair. Mostly the Fair are selling Computer’s Accessories, Laptop, Mobile Phone and Broadband package.

One of the highlight of this event are, you can use as low as RM 99.00 to purchase a Seagate 500GB 2.5″ Portable Harddisk at everyday Happy Hour, which is 11.00AM and 4.00PM. Limited unit available.


Attracted by its Promotion. I am one of the people standing outside and Q up for the Portable Harddisk at the first day. Quite a messy situation at 10.50AM.

We can see lots of people standing outside the entrance, but I can guarantee 99% of them are looking for the goodies and freebies that only can get on certain period. Just wait and see the situation. The staff announced that the opening of Malaysia IT Fair, the crowds start to rush into the hall. I just follow the crowd to the Seagate booth to redeem my lovely Portable Harddisk. :)

Something strange, after waiting for 20 minutes, a staff said that the Seagate harddisk for this morning has been sold out! Huh? sold out? How about my Q, I come this long way and get nothing? It seems like only have 100 units for the customers to grab. So if still want the harddisk have to wait for next round at 4.00PM.

With some disappointing feeling, I just look around for other deals, there is some laptop selling at a quite valuable price. When you spend RM 20 at there, you can vote for the Miss ICT for winning the prize worth RM 500,000. If you purchase above RM 100 can entitle for a lucky spin, not bad, nowsaday everything computerized, even for lucky draw, they are using computer to determine your luck, no more big box and a big spinning wheel waiting for you to get the prize.

Malaysia IT Fair, a good beginning for a computer fair other than PC Fair, but I hope they should prepare more cheap deal like the Portable Harddisk at the Happy Hour so everyone will really be happy at the fair. In a summary, this fair worth for visit.

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