NTV7 Feel Good Run 2011 at 3 July 2011

Do you like jogging and running? Then the Feel Good Run 2011 is an event you can’t missed. Hosted by NTV7, this event has lots of fun. If you think this is just a running, look for free drinks after run and wait for lucky draw then you are wrong! You can get a certificate and a medal after run, playing games at bazaar, take some Milo or Nestle or a ice-cream potong at Nelson booth. By the way, the fund collected from this run will be donated for charity.

As one of the participant, I have to wake up at about 5.30am, register at the venue about 6.00am at outside NTV7 building at Bandar Utama. We can said that there is a lots of participant in this event.

For the running categories, it have Men and Women Open (7KM),  Run with Celebrities (3KM), Costume Run (3KM), Kids Run (700m). One of the attraction is the Costume Run and Run with Celebrities. Run with Celebrities, you will saw the Celebrities on the TV or FM is running with you. For the Costume Run, more fun as the runner is wear like a character in a blockbuster movie, or cartoon, or a special wear to gain your attraction when running. Here is some of the photo I taken

Ok, the run has started, run run run, from the NTV7 building to 1U Shopping Center there, then pass through the resident area, then back to the Starting Point. It takes about 30 min for me to finish the run. I have taking the Run with Celebrities, but on the way I didn’t see any Celebrities, maybe I’m outdated, so long never see the TV and listen to the radio, maybe they are besides me but I don’t know who they are…

Received a medal, a certificate, and a muscle ache after the runs. Not bad, we have to exercise everyday don’t we? Assembly at Sri Pentas inside the NTV7 compound, they have a lots of shows, but after a while, a huge downpour comes, everyone hide below the roof. The show begins, GM speech, cheque passing ceremony, and performance dance are the main course for the event.

A certificate and some surprise for this event, not bad, exercise and fun. Hope that everyone working in the town can join this event to release your stress and gain more fun.

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