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太平一名患上淋巴癌末期的承建电讯塔工程的中年男士,被5名医生监定为淋巴癌末期后,吃下自己家中所种的优顿草,13天再被医生检验时,竟然出现奇迹,医生说他的淋巴癌已消失,康复96%,身上的肿瘤完全消失。 刘联輝没有想到自动己家中所种的优顿草,竟然救了他宝贵的生命。随即刘联辉开始介绍人吃优顿草,尤其是患癌人士,希望他们同样可以重新活过来。 两个星期前,台湾国立屏东大学食品科学系教授也到刘氏的家,索取了优顿草,准备深一层研究优顿草的疗效作用。 刘联辉:3年前眼肿又身长肿瘤 从癌症中康复的刘联辉(56岁)说,2008年3月8日,因为眼睛肿得可怕,加上身上有许多不知名的肿瘤,前往给医生检验时,医生向他说了一个坏消息,指他患上淋巴癌末期。为了证实真的是患癌,又再前往槟城及怡保给专科医生检验,以确定真的是无药可救的淋巴癌。 他说,当数位医生都指他患上末期癌症后,只好认命。后来有医生叫他不用灰心,可以化疗试一试,但是医生告诉他化疗医费是5万多令吉,同时只有1%活着的机会时,他放弃浪费这笔医药费,宁愿将这笔没有希望的医疗治,转给儿子做为深造的费用。 他说,同年8月,一直不间断的寻医验癌,医生一而再的强调是末期癌症,再也活不久后,最后放弃再验检。医院回来的隔天就去拜神祈福。 耳边怪声:何不吃家种草药?

MySony Winner Prize Email

Today received an email from MySony Malaysia, saying me win a prize from them, after checked their email (as nowsaday the email will be the most secure way to verify a sender is real or fake) everything was okay, then I feel woohoo, looks like I have win something, but don’t know what is the “exclusive Cyber-shot Travelling premium gift”. So I take my time and filling in the particular and think “oh gosh, what the hell was that prize, hope I will get the Cyber-shot camera hehe..”. Then I check my email again, hey , its them send [ ... ]

Hello world!

Hello World, a simple word to celebrate this blog’s birthday, this blog was my first hosted blog, so I will put my full effort on it. Born in 2011, this blog discuss about travel, food and lifestyle for a peaceful country, Malaysia. If you feel this blog is meaningful, do help us suggest to your friends and family, we will make it better; If you feel this blog is so-so and need improvement, we welcome you for comments, we will make it better Do come back often to visit us for some fresh updates. HELLO WORLD !